Home Popcorn Poppers

If you love popcorn, and feel that a movie just isn’t complete without enjoying a tub of freshly popped popcorn, then you need to have a home popcorn popper. Just think, with a simple home popcorn maker, you can recreate that move theater experience in no time at all.

Who wouldn’t get excited anticipating the mouth watering buttery flavor of freshly popped popcorn made in your very own home? The constant popping of the corn kernels, and the delicious scent that will fill your home, will certainly get your taste buds salivating in anticipation. And if you are more health conscious and want to eliminate the oil and butter – there is a home popcorn popper for you too.

When choosing you home popcorn maker, you have a number of things to consider – price, capacity and ease of use are just some of the product features to look out for. There are five basic popcorn makers to chose from, and each one has different advantages, but all the home popcorn poppers can make delicious fresh popcorn.

Electric Popcorn Popper

An electric popcorn popper is the easiest to use of the different model types. It has a large tub capacity and is easy to assemble, use and clean.  These are compact models and are easy to put away when not in use. Electric poppers take about five minutes to make delicious popcorn.

Models, such as the Back to Basics Electric Stir Crazy Popcorn Popper and the West Bend Stir Crazy have a nonstick surface as well as a motorized mechanism that keeps the kernels in motion to ensure that everything pops evenly. There is also a West Bend electric popper that also can be used to roast or glaze nuts.

Do be sure that your model has stay-cool handles for easily turning over the base when the popcorn is finished – then just flip it over, and use the dome-shaped cover to serve your popcorn.

Hot Air Popcorn Popper

For the health conscious, a hot air popcorn popper is the way to go.  These are faster and more economical than microwave-bag popcorn, and virtually leaves no unpopped kernels.

These poppers use hot air to ‘burst’ the kernels into fresh popcorn.  By using hot air instead of oil or butter, your popcorn will still cook evenly, giving you a ower calorie and healthier popcorn treat.  In less than three minutes, you can have hot air popped popcorn using these makers.

It’s quite fun for children to see the popper churning out their fresh popcorn from the chute. – just don’t let them take off the cover too soon, or you will be chasing popcorn all over the room.  And while a few kernels may spring out as the machine heats up, the chute does do a good job directing the popcorn into a bowl.

Microwave Popcorn Popper

I don’t know about you, but I do not like what is normally thought of as microwave popcorn.  But it’s not using a microwave to make the popcorn that is the problem – it’s those expensive, greasy bags that always seem to burn and leave unpopped kernels.

However, you can make delicious popcorn in your microwave buy using a special microwave popcorn popper.  So, if you’re concerned about space and storage issues, and don’t want to have another kitchen appliance in your home, then get a microwave popcorn popper.

Like a hot air popcorn popper, your microwave popper can pop the corn without the use of oil, so there is a health benefit. But yes, if you chose to you can add butter and other seasonings to get more flavor.

These are bowls with lids that are specially designed to cook popcorn evenly using your microwave.  Clean up is a breeze as these are dishwasher safe, and your popper also doubles as a serving bowl.  It is additional convenient that there are no cords or other appliances that you need to use with a microwave popcorn popper.

Home Theater Popcorn Popper

Now if you’re a serious popcorn aficionado and like the recreate theater style quality popcorn, then you need to have a home theater popcorn popper. It’s perfect for the homeowner who likes to have an authentic looking old style popcorn popper in the home. It’s perfect for parties and other large gatherings, such as a super bowl party.

There’s even a warming light or a heated base to keep the popcorn hot and fresh. Both children and adults will find a tabletop home theater popcorn popper irresistible.

These are a lot bigger than the other home popcorn poppers.  If space is an issue, these popcorn makers will not be a good alternative. Also, these are meant to make popcorn in larger volumes than the other poppers.  So if you want to have just one serving, it’s not the most practical way to go – unless of course, you like popcorn for breakfast as much as I do.

Stove Top Popcorn Popper

If you want to go old school, then nothing beats a stove top popcorn popper.  I can remember these from when my daughters were little kids, and what fun we all had making popcorn and watching Disney movies together – and the popcorn was great.

These popcorn makers are usually made of non stick aluminum, and have a special cover that has a crank handle for mixing the popcorn and ingredients while while they are heating. Simply place the popcorn popper on the stove, place your popcorn kernels and oil in the popper, and start cranking.

The lid has steam vents to keep your popcorn crisp while its popping, and in less than five minutes you’ll be eating delicious popcorn from your stove top popcorn popper.

Let’s Get Popping!

As you can see, all of these home popcorn poppers and popcorn makers have different features to  consider for deciding which one is best for you to buy.  I have to say, that if you have the room and don’t mind spending some extra money, then there is just nothing like making popcorn at home from a home theater popcorn popper.

But whatever you chose, all of these popcorn makers can make very good tasting popcorn right in your very own home.  So enjoy your favorite snack – and let’s get popping!